The President

Mr. Ahmed Al-Kuwari, driven by the youth’ charity spirit, by his passion towards luxurious products and by the concept of offering special services without exaggeration in prices, thought about this difficult equation and created modern solution to solve it. This issue required continuous efforts and perseverance, knowing that efforts should be multiplied due to markets’ volatility, customers’ behavior and competitiveness intensity. These efforts were inspired from the ambitions of youth and the faith that there is nothing impossible where there is endeavor, knowledge and will.

Mr. Ahmed Al Kuwari was able to develop his business relations and turn them to lasting relationships that added a human dimension to the business work.

Vice – President

Referring to his background as a professional player and an administrator of one of the biggest sports foundations in the Asian continent (Al Sadd Sports Club), he mixed the company’s policy with the concept of challenge and collective work under the slogan of "Fair Play". The result was a homogenous environment among the work team similar to the one in the football playgrounds.

Sports activities are a source of fame and acceptance that contribute and lead to build solid relations.

Mr. Mohamad Ghanem Al Ali was able to deploy these relations that are outspread in the Qatari and Gulf societies to transmit the message of the group in all its contents and visions and to know and understand the needs of the sectors with which we’re dealing in order to satisfy them to the fullest.

The team

We realized that the human being is the base and the center of the work for he gets in the group all the attention and support in order to accomplish the commitments he is entrusted with.

This behavior leads to a mutual respect between individuals and the company and it benefits the customers and partners. And since we are dealing with international markets, we paid attention to form a group from different countries and cultures including European countries. This combination is shown by the capacity of talking in the most diverse languages in the world such as Chinese, English, Italian, German and Indian.

News and media

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