Royal Jewellery

Royal Jewellery

Royal Jewellery is the main subsidiary of AL Malaki Group. A modern well established Jewellery showroom offering an extensive collection of the fine Jewellery and Watches.

Situated in Qatar, Royal Jewellery is a retailer at the highest level. In addition to its own products Royal Jewellery also offers the best international watch brands such as TB Butti, Pierre de Roche, Vogard, Askania, O.J Perrin, Grimoldi, Giovine, La Donna and Christian Bonja.

The designs are clean and uncomplicated without compromise to elegance and wear ability and will appeal to the discerning customer who is searching for a piece of jewellery that speaks of quality, fine workmanship and longevity.

Royal Jewellery

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  • 2013-01-27

    Royal Jewellery joined to Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition from the first edition in 2004 and till today we...

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